At Ellis Irrigation we have over 40 years’ experience in matching the right pump for the right application. We would match your requirement with the most cost efficient pumping system, be it diesel or electric.

We can supply single pumps or build whole pumping systems including pumphouse containers with full control systems.  We provide pumps for boreholes, reservoir, both clean and dirty water applications, PTO tractor pumps, priming pumps etc, etc

We are also an approved stockist of Murphy pump control equipment.

We are the sole UK importer of the Idrofoglia Turbopumps range.

By directly importing these units, we are able to offer our customers the very best price available.

We also use pumps from a range of different suppliers to ensure we exactly match pump capabilities with desired flow rates and demands.


4-6 cyl full silent

STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Total Sound proofed enclosure, two-tyre chassis with incorporated fuel-tank, staker legs, standard electric starting with battery, engine protective panel (in case of oil low-pressure, engine overheating, drive belt break, wa¬ter pressure fall) pressostat, pressure gauge, tacho-meter, hours meters, suction and delivery flanges.

PTO Tractor pump

Use pic 6116 from pics from carpari

Electric borehole pump

Use e8p.jpg

Surface pumps for diesel or electric motor drive.

Submersible transfer pump for clear or dirty water

Use kcm065FA

Bareshaft pump

Use pag caprari A4 2P_Bianco_rgb.jpg

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