Ellis Irrigation Ltd is a family run business with over 40 years experience in all types of irrigation. We provide a specialist service designed to exactly fit your needs and will give you a tailored system specific to your requirements.

We use a range of manufacturers’ equipment as well as manufacturing our own, to ensure you get the best quality product at the best possible price. We are also the sole UK importer of the Idrofoglia Rainmaker
irrigator formally known as touraine 2 and supplied by Wright Rain. We also are the sole importer of all the Idrofoglia spare parts and hold almost everything you would need delivered next day.

We do not believe in over complicating irrigation systems and aim to provide you with the most efficient and reliable system which is easy to operate and requires the minimum amount of maintenance and running costs. We provide the complete service to our customers from designing their scheme through to successful installation, final commissioning and providing ongoing support throughout the year.

We hold an extensive range of spare parts in stock and also manufacture specialist fabrications and fittings to order.

We have a team of dedicated professionals in the field of Irrigation who can attend site and carry out any fault analysis or urgent repairs to your system to keep you up and running throughout the season.

Whether it’s the supplying of spares to keep you running or carrying out a complete overhaul of your current system we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you are getting the very best product and user friendly system for your money.

Hose reel irrigators

A complete range of irrigators with small machines with 40mm diameter hose 70 metres long – suitable for gardens and golf courses – up to a 140mm hose by 450 metres long. All possible options are available with hose lengths of up to 700 metres fully hydraulic or manually operated.

Underground Mains

We offer a full service for new and additional underground mains and hydrants. We can design, supply and install a full system for you or just provide the PVC pipe and hydrants. Installation of road, bridge and river crossings.


Briggs booms for use with hose reel irrigators. Also Briggs rota-rainer dirty water/slurry irrigators.

Replacement hoses for irrigators

Replacement drum hoses available for all irrigators, delivered and fitted on farm if required.

Fabrication of underground mains fittings

Fabrication of steel underground mains fittings, tees, elbows, reducers, hydrants, ‘Wright Rain’, ‘Irrifrance’, ‘Bauer’, etc. Leg off hydrants, specials etc made to order.

Self Priming Pumps

We manufacture our own electric 12 Volt and 240 Volt priming pumps for use with both diesel and electric main pump units.

Input hoses for irrigators with ends to customer specification

Input hoses made up to your requirements. Any length with any type or size of end fittings.

Basket Strainers

Available to keep water borne debris out of your system. Both small and large sizes are available in wicker or galvanized steel mesh for a longer life.

Aluminium pipe repairs

All pipe repairs carried out. Complete new ends welded on, valves attached to pipes etc.

Spares for hosereel Irrigators

(New or old)

Belts, mechanical seals, sprockets, RMV turbine drive spares. Many obsolete parts made to pattern.

Specialist hosereel filters

Our own design of in-line filters for installing on pump suctions, in underground aluminium pipelines or for attaching directly to irrigators. This prevents large items such as stones (normally picked up when moving portable pipes)from damaging your hosereel irrigator.

Pump units and pumping plants

Complete range of diesel engine pumps built to specification or manufactured in our own workshop. Any combination of engine or pump available to your requirements. Full ‘Murphy’ engine protection etc. Steel base tanks, plain chassis acoustic cabinets, etc. Specialist in electric pumping plants from boreholes, reservoirs, rivers, etc. Total package offered from design to manufacture and on-site installation


(Wright Rain, Irrifrance, Bauer etc)

Steel, weld on hydrants for your own fabrications or complete assemblies built to your specification.

Input hydrants and isolating valves

Input hydrants specially fabricated to allow water to be pumped into permanent underground mains in difficult situations. Non-return valves, control, gate or butterfly valves can also be incorporated.

Viking Johnson type couplers

Couplers to join PVC to PVC, steel to asbestos cement and straight pipe repairs. Also flanged type couplers for the installation of gate valves etc.

Portable Mains

A complete range of portable aluminium mains and fittings, genuine ‘Wright Rain’, plus our own specially modified ‘Wright Rain’ compatible range. We also stock ‘Bauer’ type mains and fittings.

Fabrication of aluminium fittings

Flanged male and female couplers. Aluminium hosetail couplers. Specialist aluminium fabrication workshop. Aluminium fittings can be made to order. Non-standards, etc.

Pipe trailers

Made to order. Standard non-road going version holds 100 X 5” aluminium pipes. Fully legal road going versions are also available.

Special fabricated fittings to order

Steel or aluminium.

Murphy switch gauge equipment

Full range of Murphy engine and pump protection equipment available.


Approved by the Environment Agency. Supplied complete with necessary test certificate. Pumping plants modified (so that meters can be installed correctly) to give accurate readings as required by the Environment Agency.

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