Boom Irrigators

Depending on the crops, soil etc, it may be prudent to irrigate via a boom rather than a traditional rain-gun. We offer the Briggs boom as at present we feel these are currently the best version of booms available.

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Options for every farm

1. Raingun kit – gives facility to irrigate awkward shape areas, runs with obstacles or planted headlands.
2. Blanking Plate – gives facility to operate the boom at reduced structural width.
3. layflat connector – various types supplied to fit all make of hosereel.
4. Hydraulic boom lift – hight and low versions available with choice of hydraulic kits.
5. Centre hose feed
6. Offset waterfeed – reduces damage to crop and reduces drag on PE hose.
7. Nelson S3000 sprayjets OR R3000 rotators.

Benefits irrigating with a Briggs

1. Uniformity -90%, even in windy conditions.
2. Reduces risk of soil capping or slumping, compared with raingun application (also aids rainfall absorption).
3. Nelson pressure regulated sprayjets or rotator allow optimum droplet size to be selected for each crop.
4. Less energy needed – booms operate at around half the pressure needed for rainguns.

Less energy needed

Booms operate at pressures ranging from just half that recomendedfor rainguns (2 – 3.5 bar compared to 4.5 – 5.0 bar). Soless pressure needed all the way back to the pump, reducing input power costs.


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