5T, 15T, 12T, 24T Time Switches

Murphy Time Switches can automatically start or stop engines or electrical motors after a predetermined time. They are mechanical in operation, requiring no electrical supply. SPDT contacts allow wiring for open or closed circuit when time expires.

These switches feature a precision movement that gives years of reliable service.


  • Two versions available:
    • 12 or 24 hour switch for setting run time and shutdown of equipment
    • 5 or 15 minute switch for a short interruption of Swichgage® circuits on test or start-up
  • Spring wound, no electric power required
  • Precision movement can be set to zero at any time
  • Built-in stop prevents overwinding
  • Available in a weatherproof Tenzalloy case, or as ‘movement only’ for panel mounting with other equipment.


OPLCDPCO 0-300 Switchgauge

Throttle Controller


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