Hose Reel Irrigators

Hose Reel Irrigators

A complete range of irrigators from various different manufacturers with small machines with 40mm diameter hose 70 metres long – suitable for gardens and golf courses – up to a 140mm hose by 450 metres long. All possible options are available with hose lengths of up to 700 metres fully hydraulic or manually operated. We also offer dirty water systems. Click on links to see range of product options and contact us for special offers, finance deals also available.

We are the sole UK importer of the Idrofoglia Rainmaker irrigator and all associated spare parts. By directly importing these machines we are able to offer our customers the very best price available and spare parts on a next day national delivery and hold spare parts in stock for collection or dispatch.



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Idrofoglia Rainmaker Hosereel Irrigators


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JD & GD hose-reels on rigid axles, IGD & IGS hose-reels on hydraulically lowered axles

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Specifications & Options

Standard on all Models

  • High Efficiency partial flow turbine drive direct coupled to 4 speed gearbox with adjustable over-run brake and PTO rewind facility
  • Operating pressure gauge and VDO digital hose re-wind speed indicator (except where computer fitted)
  • Drum diameter speed compensator
  • Leadscrew driven hose layering guide
  • Automatic mechanical gearbox disengagement at end of run, or improper hose layering
  • Adjustable slow closing diaphragm shut-down valve
  • Raingun trolley and staker leg lifting
  • Heavy duty 360 deg turntable
  • Running gear 2 wheels fixed axle
  • Hot galvanized chassis, drum carrier, twin inlet pipe and fittings
  • Standard Vari-angle raingun/sprinkler supplied with 3 taper bore nozzles

Optional (on some models)

  • Electric slow closing shut-down valve (in lieu of slow closing diaphragm valve)
  • Low pressure dump diaphragm shut-down valve (in lieu of slow closing diaphragm valve)
  • GSM mobile telecommunications and control system for the P450 controller
  • Hydraulic front jack (in-lieu of standard mechanical jack) inc as standard on 4 wheel G4D
  • Hand start petrol engine pump to run the hydraulic features (in lieu of tractor hoses)
  • 4 wheel tandem axle, 2 or 4 wheel hydraulically raised/lowered
  • Supplementary staker feet mounted behind the towing eye
  • Galvanised drum
  • PTO driven compressor to remove water from the PE hose
  • Twin crown wheel drum drive (standard on IG3D & IG4
  • Hydraulic lift arms


Below are all the technical data for the different types of Idrofoglia Rainmaker

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G1 Technical Specification

G2 Technical Specification

G3 Technical Specification

G4 Technical Specification

G5 Technical Specification

IG1.1 Technical Specification

J1 Technical Specification

J2 Technical Specification


Video showing  Idrofoglia Irrigator in production:

Quick guide on how to operate an Idrofoglia Irrigator


In stock now

Currently in Stock G5D 110/420


  • Rigid axle conventional galv chassis with twin inlet feed pipe
  • 420 metres of 110mm polythene hose (with 2yr warranty)
  • High efficiency partial flow turbine drive directly coupled to the 4 speed gearbox with direct drive to hosedrum, adjustable over-run brake and PTO rewind facility.
  • Operating pressure gauge.
  • Leadscrew driven hose layering guide.
  • Slow closing diaphragm shut-down valve.
  • Irrigamatic Pro 35 computer c/w solar panel & flashing beacon
  • Pressure Switch for auto start and stop
  • Independent hydraulics on staker legs and independent trolley lifting arms with quick couple hoses for tractor operation.
  • Komet Twin 140 Plus Vari-angle raingun c/w nozzles.
  • 6 metre connection hose with Wright Rain male coupler, or alternative of your choice.
  • Galvanised offset trolley
  • Two wheel fixed axle, wide profile 400/60-15.5pr14 6F tyres


Currently in stock, on the farm price only £16,000