Sprinkler Rainbird Maxipaw Popups


Product Description

The Rain Bird Pop-up sprinkler, type Maxi-Paw FC/PC is an open case rotor with a hammer sprinkler inside it. Therefore, its ideal to be used in places where dirty water can be problem as the technology in this sprinkler is more resistant to clogging and big particles.

The Maxi-Paw is made for dirty water applications thanks to its robust construct as it makes use of a hammer impact sprinkler that works on a different way that a standard rotor from a flow technology perspective. The Maxi-Paw comes with the 08 (blue) nozzle preinstalled and it can also be installed with other Low Angle (LA) nozzles or Standard MAxi-Paw MPR nozzles and can be adjusted from a Full Circle to a Part Circle sprinkler from 340° up to 20°. Radious varies from 6.7m up to 13.7m and works at a pressure of 1.7 to 4.1bar and flows at 0.34 up to 1.91m3/h.

Rain Bird irrigation materials are easy to install


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