Rack Puller for Diesel Engines

The RP75 rack puller is a semi-automatic device that provides a pulling force to initiate shutdown of diesel engines and equipment.

The RP75 connects to the injection pump or air intake shut-off lever via a cable (chain optional). A coil spring, within the RP75, is reset manually and is held in place by an electromagnet. When the Swichgage® detects a malfunction, the electromagnetic circuit is interrupted through a Magnetic Switch–releasing the coil spring thus pulling the cable/chain to actuate shutdown. The spring, when fully compressed, exerts a pull of 30 lbf (133 N).

The RP75 is available for 12 or 24 VDC applications and is compatible with all Swichgage® instruments.


  • Pulls injection pump or air intake shut-off lever
  • 30 lbf (133 n) operating force
  • Models available for 12 or 24 volt systems
  • Operates on signal from Swichgage® installed on the engine or driven equipment

Cable assembly for RP75 1.2m

Solenoid RP2309B Solenoid

24hr Timer Movement only

Timer Movement only 15min


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