MurphyMatic® Engine Throttle Controller

The AT03069 is a reliable, heavy-duty device developed specifically to automatically control engine speed to meet system demand.

Low current, high torque, solid state switching and electronic clutch make it ideal for all automatic and semi-automatic engine systems.

The AT03069 is typically used with high and low contacts on an appropriate Murphy Swichgage® (e.g. OPLC-DPCO) such that the system adjusts throttling to meet pump pressure or fluid level under changing loads.


  • Automatically adjusts engine throttle speed to meet demands of pressure or fluid level, load and temperature.
  • Speed changes made slowly and smoothly.
  • Saves power and fuel, engine wear and maintenance.
  • Perfect for warm-up and cool-down on automated systems.
  • One model for both 12 and 24 VDC systems (replaces single voltage model AT67207).

Adaptor 1/4″MBSP x1/4″ nylon 65-12-24

Adaptor 1/4″FBSP x1/4″ nylon 65-12-100

Murphy AC Utility Fitting

Murphy Adaptor 1/8″ NPT x 10mm


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