Irrigation Pump Control Panels

Murphy Europe manufacture a range specialist panels for diesel-driven irrigation pumps. The panels provide manual start/stop of an irrigation pump, plus automatic stop after an adjustable time or pump ‘no flow’ condition.

The range is available in plain steel or lockable/weatherproof steel enclosures, or as a open-chassis design for mounting in acoustic hoods.

The Murphy range of irrigation panels is distributed and supported by our network of Irrigation Controls distributors.


  • Off-Run-Preheat-Start keyswitch
  • System shutdown by operator, timer or ‘no flow’ switch
  • 2 inch Swichgage® indication and shutdown protection for engine (low) oil pressure and (high) coolant temperature
  • 4.5 inch Swichgage® indication and protection for (high/low) pump discharge pressure
  • Charge alternator excitation and warning lamp
  • Optional hours run counter
  • Optional Swichgage® for automatic demand-pressure throttling

B4111 – all the feaures of the 33.400.689 panel plus hourmeter and pre-punched apertures for pressure gauge throttling upgrades, in an IP65 lockable enclosure.

B5001 – as model B4111 but without weatherproof enclosure, for mounting in an acoustic hood.

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