Universal mounting Swichgage® diagnostic/shutdown panels

The WD100 and WD270 series panels are a rugged, dependable solution for engine or pump fault protection. Their compact size and ease of installation make these panels highly suited to the protection of mobile or stationary engine-driven applications such as tractors, PTO devices, earth moving equipment and pumps.

WD series panels use the Murphy Swichgage® for accurate and reliable indication and fault shutdown. Each panel features a rugged steel, black painted enclosure, fitted with a rotating bracket for ease of installation and use. Mobile equipment warning-before-shutdown versions (WD107/277) are also fitted with a Murphy Selectronic®TL7 flashing alarm light and SAH mini-siren, both of which
activate on fault, 30 seconds before an automatic shutdown.


  • Universal mounting panel with rotating arm bracket
  • Low oil pressure indication/shutdown (0 – 100psi / 0 – 7 bar)
  • High engine temp indication/shutdown (50 – 120°C)
  • Options for:
    – pump high/low indicaton/shutdown (0 – 20 Bar)
    – pump shutdown override timer
    – high oil temperature indication/shutdown (60 – 140°C)
    – warning and delayed shutdown for mobile equipment
    – auxiliary shutdown input
  • Supplied complete with fittings and circuit dagram.
  • OPLC Square Gauge


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