OPL series 4.5″ Pressure Gauge and Swichgage®

The OPL series Pressure Swichgage® instruments are combination pressure indicating gauges with adjustable low and high limit switches. Limit switches can be wired directly to electric pilot circuits to operate alarms, shutdown or start/stop of engines and electric motors.

Base models:

OPLC Surface mount aluminium case with Start/Run switch for low contact override (shown above right).
OPLFC Panel mount version (shown above left).
OPLC-DPCO OPLC with dual Run/Start contacts for use with AT03069 throttle controller

Product Description


  • Combination indicating gauge and critical pressure limit switches
  • 4.5 inch gauge face
  • High and low pressure limit contacts are visible and adjustable
  • Panel and surface mount versions
  • Bourdon tube sensing element, bronze or 316 stainless steel
  • Indicating-only MurphyGage® available
  • Latching control relay versions available

OPLFC Round Gauge

300PSI Tube Movement & Dial Assy

Pressure Switchgauge (Water) 20T


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